Darla: Nokia PC Suite Wish List

Darla Mack is collecting stuff she’s like to see in Nokia’s PC Suite.

Let me add some:

  • An uninstaller that REALLY uninstalls everything, without the need to download one of 15 different versions of Nokia’s own registry cleaner
  • An installer that doesn’t mess up my system when I upgrade
  • A setting to let me decide on “last name, first name” instead of “first name last name”. Right now I have to buy extra software like this to do that.
  • I agree on the podcasting support. Let me add ‘Syncing to iTunes’ (and I mean *syncing*, not appearing as a mass storage device in iTunes, including play count support)

While I may appear critical, let me just state that PC Suite still is one of the best synchronisation suites around (with the exception of ActiveSync) – compare that to Samsung’s or (my god…) Motorola’s software….


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