Gillmor vs. Curry – Round 1

Steve Gillmor is angry that the Gillmor Gang is no longer playing on Sirius 102:

“To be blunt, the Gang on Sirius is one of the best shows on that network. Forget about how I feel about it; what it says about my partners in the Gang is just fucking unforgivable. Doc Searls is one of the most important voices of our time, and reducing even for a minute the reach of that sound is just plain dumb.”

Adam Curry picks up the glove:

“As you know the Daily shows were removed from the lineup long ago due to lack of timely delivery, if at all. Unfortunately, the Gillmor Gang fell prey to the exact same problem. Repeats are unacceptable and unnecessary.

It is your sole responsibility to produce and deliver your programming, as is the content of the programming.
If organization of the talent for each show is a barrier, then you should consider compensating your Gang members.

The production budget for your programming is considerably larger than that of a daily 4 hour satellite radio program, I suggest you allocate a portion of it towards ‘talent booking’ or production assistance.”

First, about this discussion: Yes, there seem to have been problems with delivery (“Gillmor Daily” could have been renamed “Gillmor Monthly”…), but a show that features highly successful people who have a day job (pun intended) may sometimes run into scheduling difficulties. Also, I’d say this explanation by Adam obviously was not given before the show was taken off of Sirius, instead these blog posts appear – a serious communication issue.

I am a HUGE fan of the gang, but the last few months have been a stretch. While the addition of Mike Arrington and Jason Calacanis rocks, Steve Gillmor has obviously been selling out. He has often been hinting at money issues, which seems to have been a reason – the show has certainly suffered: I have written extensively about this, and the recent method of splitting up the gang into three 25 minute episodes with 7 minutes ads each really is a downer. In the good old Gillmor Gang days at IT Conversations I enjoyed listening to the one hour show each friday, now I have to collect the episodes over days and fast forward through the ads.

Steve, if money is the issue, please consider offering subscriptions for the Gang. I’d happily pay a buck each week for a full gang, but this Podshow nonsense will kill a good show if you don’t take care.


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