Thomas Otter, Switcher

This is like a frenzy: Thomas has joined the elite group of SAP Mac users, although only at home for now (and only if his wife lets him use it…).

Still, can’t be long before there’s another new machine in the house, eh…? ;)

The strangest thing here probably is that while Apple has been famous for the best operating system, the nicest apps and the tightest integration, the thing that makes people switch probably is the decreasing importance of all that: I have gone to not having a personal PC at all, all my stuff is on the web nowadays (GMail, Flickr,, Google Calendar, Google Spreadsheet, Writely, Bloglines, Plaxo).

The only reason I do need local storage is my iPod and iTunes. Once his Stevieness decides it’s time for an iPod with WiFi and integrated iTunes, this requirement goes down the drain as well.

Maybe that’s exactly why he hasn’t done that, yet.

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