Ewan’s garage (…) sale

My favourite scotsman is moving houses once again (he failed to explain me why the UK housing market works so strangely) and needs to get rid of some stuff. As he’s been a gadget reviewer and general geek for quite some time, there’s some interesting stuff to be had:

“* Two Palm Organisers
* Two Psion Organisers
* An air hockey table game
* Buffy the Vampire Slayer Top Trumps
* A couple of MP3 players
* Light up yo-yo’s, star jacks and electronic dice
* A bundle of classic Sci-Fi posters
* A rubber band ball (3-4″ diameter)
* A Sony Mavica Digital Camera
* I’ve 5 massive boxes of VHS videos and another 2 boxes the same size of audio cassettes. I know there’s good stuff in there, but I can’t write it all down.
* And much much more…”

So, go read his post and find out how you can participate!

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