Stay away from Nokia PC Suite 6.8.x

You may have read about my problems upgrading to Nokia PC Suite 6.8.21. I managed to go back to a working version 6.7.22, which at least got me into a working state again (this is about my work phone, so I NEED this to work!).

When I read that 6.8.22 was out (no link to protect the innocent), I thought that they surely addressed the installation problems (it mentions something in the release notes) and installed it right away. But again, no luck – “no available connection types” ;(

OK, I told myself, let’s go back to 6.7 again, then. Imagine my surprise when the treaded “no available connection types” hit me again! I uninstalled, ran Nokia’s registry cleaner, re-installed, re-booted – no luck.

Doesn’t it make you wonder why they come up with a registry cleaner application, instead of incorporating this into their installers right away?

Anyway, searching Google brought up many more people with the same issue, like here and there. But – no real solution.

Yesterday, finally, I found something: the problem seemed to originate in registry keys that could not be deleted. I tried creating a new user with local adminstrator rights, but still no luck (makes you wonder about what these Microsoft programmers are smoking, sometimes…). Finally I found a hint somewhere: I needed to start by editing permissions on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE to include my user (“Everyone” is really not everyone, but the name of a group) and add full access, then I could edit all the other non-deletable keys by editing permissions, adding my user, and delting them. This took quite some time…

Next, I ran Nokias’s registry cleaner, just to be safe, and rebooted. I the re-installed PC Suite 6.70.22, which is working fine now. I won’t touch newer versions with a flagpole…

Can anybody explain why Nokia can’t use the registry properly? I mean, adding keys I can’t delete, or can’t even read the values? Give me a break.

Thanks for three weeks withput synchronisation and many hours of wasted time, Nokia. I was close to picking up a different brand phone to avoid the problem.


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