Nokia’s Series 60 Podcasting application

Nokia now provides a podcatcher application for Symbian.

Nice to see they get it, but am I the only one annoyed at too many podcatchers? A mobile phone usually is just a mass storage device that can play MP3 files (ok, so you can download podcasts with UMTS, but for 90% of users, this is not yet available and/or affordable).

Wouldn’t it be much more useful to offer a synchronisation option that would allow you to sync (and I really mean sync, not copy manually) with playlists of either iTunes, WMP10 or Winamp? I mean, every vendor requires you to change how you store MP3 files – how’s that supposed to make life easier? Please, make my MP3 capable phone sync just as easy as an iPod, that’s all I want (not even the ROKR does this, btw.).

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