Istanbul is an amazing city – around 12 million people live there, according to my colleagues here. Part of the city is in Europe, another part is in Asia.

This is actually my first time ever in Asia – can’t say there’s much of a difference so far ;)

I don’t usually talk about customers here, but the project where I was asked to consult is special: they’ve build an international project team. Nothing special so far – but the team members are from Turkey, Arabia and Israel!

The people I met are very special – not only were they ready to overcome cultural differences, they also adjusted their work to accomodate other specialties like completely different weekend days!

I had the pleasure to talk privately with one of the arabian colleagues every day in the taxi, and it was very enlightening (well, at least until he told me they’re not paying ANY taxes over there, wich was a bit frustrating). These are some of the nicest people I ever met in business, and I was glad to be able to help their project going forward.

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