Intelligent playlists

Well, I haven’t been using playlists for music a lot so far, other than bundling a few favourites now and then.

I found some great inspiration in a comment on a post by Volker, though:

“I try to rate my songs when I listen to them because it plays into some of the filtering. A 1-star song is one that I don’t like but haven’t deleted. I have a pair of subtractive playlists that are in the main playlists to filter songs out at the beginning. There’s a “No Like” that is the 1-star songs, and there’s a “Holiday” one that filters the Holiday music out of the main mix (I have a lot of Christmas music but I don’t listen to it in May). All of the playlists below exclude the contents of these playlists.

“Highest Rated” is rated higher than 3-stars, not played in the last 2 months, random and limited to 20 songs.

“Forgotten Favorites” is a subset of “Highest Rated” of songs that have a LastPlayed older than 8 months ago, random and limited to 200 tracks. Gives my faves a second chance if they’re not getting in. […]”

Go read the full comment by Scott Gentzen here.

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