Framed by the Memory Stick Mafia

I recently got a 2 Gig Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo off eBay, and I have to admit I should have been a bit more sceptical considering the price. But then again you’re used to making bargains on eBay.

The stick didn’t fit too well into either a SonyEricsson K750i and my Sony DSC-H2 digital camera to begin with. But it seemed to work, so I wasn’t too worried. Not even the chinese characters on the package worried me, to be honest.

That changed when after about a hundred pictures in Ireland my camera started to display “file error” messages, burying some of my nicest shots.

At home I started investigating the issue, and found this guide. I contacted the seller, who (luckily) is german, and he says I’ll get my money back. I don’t have it yet, but I’m quite confident as this will be a lot less hassle for him than dealing with Sony lawyers, which I might tip off else.


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