Economics of security investments

Would you imagine that security expert Bruce Schneier and Dilbert creator Scott Adams could be on the same side of a security discussion? I’d love to see them both on a panel…

This week, Scott tried to find out Why the U.S. Gives Foreign Aid to Israel. Considering that this amounts to roughly 3 billion US$ per year, Scott began thinking the issue through:

“When I look at the 25 reasons for funding Israel, I ask myself how many other countries would have an equally impressive list of benefits if we were to toss an extra 3 billion in their direction.


There are indeed many reasons for giving foreign aid to Israel. But no one here even attempted to answer “why,” because doing so requires a comparison to all the relevant alternatives. The 25 so-called “reasons” are merely explanations and benefits. That’s little more than the first step to answering why.”

VERY interesting discussion. However – being a german, I can’t comment any further ;)

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