Does complexity breed loyalty?

I love it when somebody else gets the ball rolling and I only need to pick up on the ideas… ;)

Matthew has some good observations about complexity today. Somebody in his comments calls it ‘choice’, but the fact remains: even so-called experts have a hard time picking the best options today, and the level of what it takes to be an expert is rising every day – I haven’t bought a PC in years, and now I don’t even know what to look for, if I had to.

What happens, of course, is that at a certain level of complexity you just give up and ask an expert. As your knowledge is limited, it’s all about perceiving somebody to be an expert. For day to day issues, that’s usually a friend or someone whose advice you took before. In a business environment, this means companies trying to consult you when you want to buy something better work on their employees: from my own experience, this is something that doesn’t happen too much and can’t be attributed to the company anyway: it’s always the individual employee.

So, get these guys blogging and tell the world how smart your employees are – how else are we supposed to know?

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