Dear Steve Gillmor,…

let me restate that I’m completely ok with advertising in podcasting. I am also a huge fan of the Gillmor Gang, but I’m getting more and more annoyed about the cheap attempts of Steve to justify the ads in his shows.

Steve, we do get it. It’s ok – really! Just play the ad somewhere and the show, and it’ll be fine. But PLEASE stop explaining how ads are supposed to work, and let the ad producers speak for themselves. On the show of march 29, you spent more than 6 minutes (!) talking about Earthlink and GoDaddy – that’s just putting everybody off. It’s quite likely that a similar rule as in eCommerce applies, where they say that every additional click decreases the probability of a transaction by 50 percent.
We’re all fine listening to the ads, so please don’t overdo it.



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