Firewall The Movie

I have yet to watch it, but here‘s a nice analysis about the reality of it written by security experts.

“Despite the lack of reality, it’s easy to buy into the suspense and the action. Hey, if you can believe that Indiana Jones is a real archeologist, you can believe that Harrison Ford’s character is a real bank security manager. If you are a fan of the TV show “24,” you might think, from time to time, that you are actually watching that show—Mary Lynn Rajskub, who plays Chloe, CTU’s most gifted geek, co-stars as Ford’s executive assistant.”

That’s certainly enough incentive for me to want to see it.

Update: Here’s the first vendor who thinks this is “invading their turf”:

“WatchGuard Wire has never published a movie review, but since this one is invading our turf, we feel obligated to repel it. Wire readers, IT professionals one and all, might feel tempted to see a movie entitled Firewall. But if you’re looking for a movie about firewalls, or one that features firewalls as a primary element of the plot, this isn’t it.”

Reminds me a bit about the Vatican having someone to dispel the myths of the Da Vinci Code ;)

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