Oracle’s “Half way to Fusion”

Niel Robertson probably has the best (at least the most amusing) take on Oracle’s state of the union address.

As a SAP employee, that’s certainly funny to read. But fun aside, there are some interesting tidbits if you’re a customer of one of Larry’s many businesses:

  • “We’re half way there!” Well, I guess that really depends on where you want to go today, but I find it hard to buy that. Anyway.
  • “Let me dispel the myth that we have 4 different languages to integrate – we’re not doing that.” You’re not? That’s great. I guess you have a magic wand to transfer your customers custom code to whatever you’re doing now?
  • “We are leaving [Oracle EBS] Forms and PeopleTools behind.”, “We are using a completely new toolset based on JDeveloper, BPEL, and open standards.”
  • “Our next generation of applications is based on the Oracle EBS data model.” Oh, you’re not even keeping the data model? Your customers will love that. And your customers partners who wrote all that crappy code depending on that model.
  • “For customers who customize, the reality is, on a case by case basis, this may cause some challenges.” That’s probably a good summary of the whole event.
  • “We recommend you retire customizations.” No need to – you’re doing it for them already.
  • “We looked at the all the applications we had [PeopleSoft, EBS, JDE, and Siebel] and took the best requirements from each. We’re rewriting applications based on these requirements.” If that is really true, you’ll probably be finished by 2050.

Excellent. In the name of all SAP employees, let me say this: thank you ;)

Or, in Tom Peters’s words:

“I guess I can tolerate the Big Mergers more if I just think about them as unassisted suicide.”

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