Podshow Inc. secures huge german marketing budget

Adam points to a copy of the report that german public TV station ZDF did on him and Podshow Inc. (it aired on the niche station 3sat in the end).

It’s a well produced segment, with lots of interesting footage for fans of podcasting and the Daily Source Code, with only few errors (they say Adam’s an environmentalist, for example). I like it.

What bothers me a bit is that it limits the report on Adam and especially Podshow Inc. – after all ZDF is a public station in germany, which means that they’re funded by an organization called “GEZ” that collects a monthly fee of 17,03 Euros (how they come up with the 3 cents will always be a mistery to me…) from EVERY german TV owner, supposed to support non-commercial interests. There is another segment on podcasting by a COMMERCIAL german TV station here which provides much more neutral information and shows german podcasters at work. So – congrats Adam, well done – at least it allowed those reporters a nice trip to SF ;)


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