Dave thinks “MacBook” is a week name, call it “PC”

(Btw., Dave, how many blogs are you writing now? I have a hard time keeping up. At least this one can be commented…)

Dave Winer after a talk with Phil Torrone:

“He explained why people don’t like the name. Here was their chance, once and for all, to make a statement that wasn’t “Mac” at all. By going to Intel, they could have claimed, in a clever way perhaps, to have erased the final objection anyone might have to using this computer. They could have a new position, instead of the snotty one they chose.

They could have said something like “Finally, a PC that’s colorful and fun to use.” That’s what I feel a Mac is, compared to a Windows machine, which is relatively joyless. MacBook is a weak name. It says “More or less what we were shipping before.” Totally unexciting. “

I couldn’t disagree more.

To every Apple user, naming an Apple machine a “PC” would be the equivalent of a slap in the face. “PC” has always meant Microsoft OS based.

After all, Apple has taken great pride in being as Un-PC as possible. And I sincerely hope they continue to do that, and reflect it in the product names.

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