More iTunes podcasting gripes

I just recently read Vinny Carpenter’s inspiring post, which reminded me to write down my current requests for the podcasting section of itunes:

  • We REALLY need per-feed preferences. Stuff like the number of podcasts to be copied to the iPod highly depends on the type of podcast. For a daily news podcast the recent one is good enough, for others I’d like to have all available, for big stuff like IT Conversations ‘only marked ones’ would be perfect.
  • Lately my iTunes display often looks like this. A variation of this is a status message that doesn’t represent the latest status. Is this a problem for anybody else?
  • When using the ‘only update selected podcasts’ option, it would be nice to ask me to add a podcast that I’m subscribing to to this list. That has bitten me several times already.
  • Also, the option for keeping podcasts should be available per feed. Single episodes should be markable as ‘don’t delete’, overriding any other settings. Example: there are some really old classic episodes of IT Conversations that I would like to keep, even though I don’t want to keep all the other ones.
  • Non-podcast related: please fix the contacts/appointments feature on Windows, or get rid of it altogether. This is getting ridiculous.

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