New PSP Firmware 2.6 – adds Podcatcher

According to digg: Lots of new features from WMA support to RSS feeds.

I probably shouldn’t even blog anything that’s related to Sony anymore, but I thought it might be of interest.

Oh, and of course this will definitely break homebrew, and probably even add some mean DRM updates (just guessing). But would expect that from Sony anyway, wouldn’t you?

Anyway – Russ tried it already, and it seems their ‘RSS support’ is not a newsreader (which I would have favored), but a podcatcher. Well, a bit of a podcatcher – it can only stream the podcasts, not download. So, in order to listen to a podcast you must stay in the vicinity of the WiFi access point the whole time. Not only may that cost you money, but audio + WiFi is also quite likely to drain your battery pretty fast.

Dumb move, if you ask me. Definitely unfit for on-the-road usage. Another reason I’ll stick to my iPod.

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