Chris Pirillo: picking a PSP over an iPod

Chris Pirillo has a (somewhat biased) 10 point list of why you’d pick a PSP over an iPod and vice versa (the vice versa part being the biased bit).

To me, this sounds a bit like picking a Tablet PC over a PDA. Yes, of course the PSP is generally a more powerful device, yet it all depends upon being fit for the purpose.

Here are *my* reasons for picking the Video iPod over the PSP (and yes, I’ve had a PSP already):

  1. The PSP is HUGE compared to the iPod (which I always carry in my shirt pocket)
  2. When I tried it, the PSP lasted a lot less long than the iPod
  3. A PSP with a 1 Gig Memory Stick is more expensive than the iPod and still only has 1/30th of the memory
  4. iTunes sync ROCKS. I haven’t seen Sony’s ($$$) tool yet, but iTunes with the store, podcasts, PIM integration, plugin API and everything else is a huge plus.
  5. WiFi on the PSP sucks (lots of fiddling through the menu to change to a different access point)
  6. The PSP web browser – pulleasssse… have you tried entering text? Useless.
  7. Have you seen all the available add-on software for the iPod? iTunes API? Way to go, Sony…
  8. I’ll take Steve’s DRM over Sony’s DRM any time of the day, thank you very much. (Do I hear you say “rootkit”..?)
  9. USB charging. Would that really have been too hard to do, Sony?
  10. (I’ll think of No. 10 later…) ;)

Now, if somebody can please do a decent leather case for the Video iPod? Thank you.

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