Why iTunes rocks and Yahoo! Music sucks

I told you before – “renting” music is not a good idea.

Why? Read on:

SAN FRANCISCO – Yahoo Inc. (Nasdaq:YHOO – news) is doubling the price of its online music subscription service for portable MP3 players, ending a short-lived promotion that sought to lure consumers from Apple Computer Inc.’s market-leading iTunes store.

Effective Nov. 1, Yahoo will charge about $120 annually for access via download to more than 1 million songs that can then be transferred to portable players. The Internet powerhouse has been charging just under $60 annually — a price most industry observers predicted wouldn’t last when Yahoo entered the market in early May.

Of course you can stop paying, but then all your music is gone. What if they double again next month?

No, thank you very much – I’ll stick with iTunes.


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