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It’s here. I liked the Steve Jobs quote that Adam Curry mentioned: “what are the earbuds for video??”)

The whole video thing looks quite attractive, especially for TV series. But this is where all the protective crap kicks usability in the butt again: as the US producers would still like to sell their episodes to foreign TV stations, only US iTunes accounts can download US episodes.

Unfortunately, this completely misses a user group which – according to my investigations – is probably quite big: there are lots of geeks outside the US that would *love* to watch US series at the same time they are being aired in the US. Of course there are many not so legal ways out there to satisfy that need, but I would be more than happy to pay the $1,99 to get the episodes legally. (Compare this post to see the issue at hand).

In terms of general functionality, imagine that these episodes could be subscribed to like podcasts, and thus automagically be on your iPod in the morning – wouldn’t that rock?

I’m travelling quite a bit, and a functionality like this would really be a reason to buy yet another iPod (after I just got my Nano…).

One more thing: I totally agree with Russ this time (which doesn’t happen too much) – all that crap about video formats, codecs, sizes, bit rates etc. is a PITA. If mobile video wants to succeed, this needs to go. FAST.


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