1000 GB free email storage

Just saw that on Om’s blog:


“MailNation Solutions developed after years of exhaustive competition in the Emailing industry. Small email companies have come and go, while large email companies such as Gmail (R), Hotmail (R), and Yahoo! Mail (R) have dominated. Privacy policies with major companies are weak, reliability remains questioned, and features are lacking. Attachment sizes remain small and restrictive, and ads plague certain email systems.
It is for this reason that MailNation Solutions was started. We provide a completely free service with an ad-free and simple to use interface. Unlike most free email services, we offer you with an exhaustive list of free features, designed with you and your daily busy life in mind. We offer this to you, completely free of charge, with an impressive uptime, and a very stringent privacy policy. -Vincent Liou. President and Chief Executive Officer”

All free? No ads?

I may not have an MBA, but this is not going to work, is it??

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