Want to know where that Gizmondo R&D Budget went to?

Here’s some detail from their recent financial report (automatic translation):

” From the column “Pleiten, pitch and breakdowns” today the current financial report of tiger Telematics, the Machern of the hand hero Gizmondo. Interesting and particularly details quite annoying for the investors became admit, after the British enterprise put its numbers openly. Altogether one brought 2004 in a loss of 99 million US dollar, for the first half of already 2005 210 million . This is justified with development costs for the Gizmondo as well as all possible extra charges, which were apparently absolutely necessary.

In addition belong among other things:

* 5.9 million USD a contract with electronics kind for the development of FIFA and SSX (both n-Gage conversions)

* 3,5 million USD at the producer Northern Lights for the plays Colors and Chicane. The developers of these Games, Warthog and Indie of studios, belong however both to Gizmondo Europe… Northern Lights belongs to the director von Gizmondo Europe, Carl Freer, which leads the enterprise together with the Executive Officer Stefan Eriksson

* With 170.000 USD for orders for marketing one paid: Mrs. Anneli Freer, wife of the mentioned director

* Secretary Tamela Sainsbury (life companion of TT Director Steve Carroll) received a content from 150.000 USD + bonuses to 83,000 USD. As small auxiliary gift: A car in the value of 70.000 USD

* With cars young from tiger the Telematics has it anyway: Carroll goennte itself for 230.000 a new vehicle, Carl Freer put on 280,000 USD investor money well and Stefan Eriksson was almost with 104.000 USD for its mobile support being sufficient SAM

* In the rest of earned Freer, Sainsbury, Caroll and Eriksson of each 1.5 millions USD in the year

* In addition one apparently also the remaining coworkers a nice vehicle park goennte

Hard times for tigers Telematics and the Gizmondo. Above all, since one stands at present with Jordan F1 in the Clinch (it concerns money, clearly) and with MTV network Europe with 1,5 millions USD in the chalk. Sounds amusing. Is however like that.”

Vroommmm, vrooommmm…..


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