Sony PSP: Working downgrader to 1.5 available

Maybe I’ve sold that PSP too soon after all: a working downgrader for PSPs with 2.00 firmware is now available.

“Welcome to 1.50, PSP firmware 2.0 users! MPH has created a WORKING downgrader from PSP firmware 2.0 to firmware 1.50. This takes advantage of the toc2rta exploit and allows for the full downgrade of firmware 2.0 to firmware 1.50. I have tried this myself and have successfully downgraded from firmware 2.0 to firmware 1.50. Homebrew and UMD games WILL both work after the downgrade.

Message to Sony: Hello, here’s your customers talking – yes, we do know that you try to make money on UMD sales and games. No, this will not be bad for you. In fact, you’d probably be selling LOTS more PSPs if you had allowed for homebrew software right from the start. I mean, in order for your proprietary UMD business model to work, you need to have the hardware out, don’t you? All those software hackers will probably be glad to enjoy a UMD after a hard days coding.

So, get on the Cluetrain: Open up your 2.x firmware, support developers and enjoy the rise in sales.

UPDATE by Jeff: You will be able to upgrade back to 2.00 after downgrading. I’ve tried this by myself. So feel free downgrading!

Although this has been tried and found working, this does not mean there is no risk involved so use at your own risk.”

Any success reports?


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