Geeks, you’d better stay away from britain…

Now this is scary:

“So, basically the Police have decided that wearing a rain jacket, carrying a rucksack with a laptop inside, looking down at the steps while going in a tube station and checking your phone for messages just tick too many checkmarks on their checklist and make you a terrorist suspect. How many other people are not only wrongly detained but wrongly arrested every week in similar circumstances as myself? And how many of them are also computer and telecoms enthusiasts that fit the Police’s terrorist behavioural profile so well? I accept and understand spot checks can be useful, but profiling… this would be a joke if it didn’t affect many ‘innocent bystanders’.”

Now it’s not only taking pictures in a New York subway, checking your Blackberry in the London tube may also be a considered suspicious.

Isn’t that exactly what the terrorists were trying to do – take away our liberties?

Addendum: here is David Mery’s article for the Guardian.

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