Down to earth identity

The Head Lemur tries to simplify the identity discussion:

“The Holy Grail of Digital Identity is some thing, expressed in ones and zeros, moving across a computer network between two computers, to establish a valid presence, and facilitate a transfer.

Digital Identity is getting way too complicated. Some of the brightest folks on the planet are working their fingers and brains into sodden puddles wrestling with Digital Identity. That may be part of the problem. “

That (and the rest that he wrote) is definitely a valid point. The same thing occured to me yesterday after watching Dick Hardt’s MTV-style OSCON keynote on Identity 2.0 (which is a MUST SEE!) – after he was finished I thought: “so now – what do we do?”.

That’s exactly why I like efforts such as RSFOAF – let’s get something going instead of just talking about how nice it would be if we had the whole picture already!

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