The SAP Developer’s Guide to PHP

Craig Cmehil today announced that a new book on integrating PHP with SAP will be available by the end of the year via SAP Press:

With growing interest in the development of low cost development solutions in a corporate environment, PHP is becoming more and more popular. However, the biggest problem for most SAP developers is the need for quick information to help them hit the ground running. This SAP PRESS Essentials guide provides readers with a comprehensive assessment of what is really needed to work with PHP, as well as how the SAP and PHP systems work together. After a short introduction to PHP and its capability characteristics, the SAPRFC extension module for PHP 4 and PHP 5 is explained in detail. Working with a sample application, you will learn how the two systems communicate with one another, and how best to use PHP for your own SAP-related development projects.

Highlights include:
– Introduction to PHP
– SAPRFC module in practice
– Connections with PHP to the SAP system
– Unique example application

Very cool… and much appreciated.

If you’re interested to know what you could do with that: John Astill demonstrates a system status widget for MacOS X.

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