More on RSFOAF

Johannes Ernst expands his RSFOAF ideas:

“Well, the core idea is this: we have so many standards already for expressing information about people, from LDAP over VCards to LID and others. Why not use them, and only define a “really simple FOAF” for what is left over? Anybody agree or disagree with that idea? It’s a little like RSS not re-defining HTML by letting HTML content be embedded in RSS. We could embed VCard data in a “really simple FOAF” file as well.”

I still think that’s just brilliant. You put a VCARD, Plaxo link, or whatever on your site, and RSFOAF autodiscovery parses it. That removes the need for everybody to adhere to the same syntax while allowing people to link to each others identities.

Let’s prototype that, shall we? Anyone…? Bueller…? ;)


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