But what about the ROKR?

Yesterday was supposed to be the big day of the iTunes phone. In my impression, this was completely overshadowed by the iPod Nano, which is the far more droolworthy gadget.

Anyway, about the ROKR: Cult of Mac mentioned a quote by Creative Strategies saying that “the iTunes phone — the $250 Rokr from Motorola — will also be a hit. It has Apple’s ease-of-use, which is really important”.

But does it really? To me, it looks like a stock Motorola E398 (Moto’s previous MP3 phone) integrated with iTunes. Will Apple’s ease of use be limited to the music interface, or did they also work together on the phone interface? Does it sync with iSync? In the past, Motorola was known to have the worst of all phone UIs. Granted, they have improved, but are still far away from Nokia, Siemens and the likes. This to me is the point where working with Apple could REALLY also help Motorola.

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