Germany going communist?

Ok, so you may know that germany will have elections in September.

Most likely, these will be won by the current opposition (CDU), so the new leading lady will be Angela Merkel.

Yesterday, german TV was interviewing people on the street in Washington, DC, on their opinion about a change of leadership in germany, and they also mentioned that Angela Merkel grew up in the then communist eastern part of germany (DDR). Imagine my surprise when one or two of the interviewed americans mentioned their fear of germany turning into a communist country.


Where have you guys been in the last 60 years? Of course, we also heard the usual “you need to join the war against terror in Iraq, then” (yeah, right.), but the communism one came somewhat unexpectedly.

We are sometimes joking that people in the more “far out” places of the US haven’t yet heard that the war has ended in europe, but this was Washington DC! At least now I know where these jokes are coming from.

Good news for germany: no more worrying about the PISA results. We’re not that bad after all…


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