Who you gonna call? OSSBusters!

Matthew receives enlightenment:

“Yesterday, while munching on a currywurst at the local Imbiss, I overheard a conversation between two builders that seemed strikingly familiar:

“I’m fed up with my customer Mr. Schmidt”
“He rang me yesterday and wanted me to immediately come over and help him”
“What was the problem?”
“He’d been to the local DIY store, bought all these bits and pieces for his roofing project and was now stuck because he couldn’t remember what the guy in the store had told him he needed to do. Isn’t that just typical. They go out and buy the stuff cheaply at some store, get little or no advice and when they’re stuck they call me and want me to help immediately.”

“Aren’t you glad there are customers like that that then at least call you?”

Some days are real eye-openers.”

Wonderful. That’s definitely something for IT Garage. Doc, are you listening?

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