G&D: Secure MMC cards

Another thing that I worked at with a previous employer: Giesecke & Devrient announce a secure MMC card.

“Giesecke & Devrient has added smart card security functionality to flash memory cards for flexible and secure use of digital applications. The new Secure MultiMediaCards™ permit professional Digital Rights Management as well as a wide spectrum of other applications.

Whatever the device – mobile phone, PDA or MP3 player – MultiMediaCards™ (MMCs) are the ideal data carrier for mobile applications in both professional and private environments.These memory cards already have a capacity of up to one GB, yet weigh only two grams. The chief benefit they offer is implementation of the MMC Association open standard, which allows the flash cards to be used in more and more mobile terminal devices. New-generation smart phones or PDAs already boast integrated MMC slots, so that storage media can be transferred from one device to another quickly and easily without the need for additional infrastructure.

The high-performance data carrier is not a SIM card substitute, but a separate storage medium with integrated security adopted from smart card technology.Individual security features – such as digital rights or secret keys for data encoding – can be safely stored in the smart card controller.This means that all sensitive content can be encoded and protected against unauthorized access.An important benefit is customized programming (personalization) of the SecureMMCs. The expertise in personalization of smart card chips that this requires has been a core competence of G&D for many years.”

This ipens up a whole new area of applications on smartphones that use MMC (unfortunately, all the new ones go for the reduced size versions nowadays…).

I wonder if there are any device manufacturers already working on drivers…

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