Mobile Payment: Bye bye Simpay!

“Following the decision of one of its founding Members not to launch Simpay for the foreseeable future, the decision was made today at a General Meeting of Simpay not to pursue its activity on a pan-European scale as originally planned.

Instead, Simpay’s operations will be scaled back with immediate effect. Member operators will be able to exploit Simpay’s intellectual property rights at a national level, although international interoperability remains a goal. The members will make known their individual plans in due course.

All of the operators involved in Simpay continue to share the vision of the enormous potential of the mobile commerce market and the importance of providing a robust and straightforward payment facility to content providers.”


This is sad. Having worked with one of the founding members for a few years, I find it especially depressing to see how many great minds have worked in vain getting the technology ready.

I guess “scaled back” in this case really means “buried in a patent pit” – I can’t imagine how this could ever get momentum again.

OK, time for the small niche players to fill the demand (is there any?) – what do you think?

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