Hotel bliss in Loerrach, Germany

This week I couldn’t get a room in my hotel in Basel, Switzerland, due to some fair in the city. I decided to try my luck in the adjacent german city of Loerrach (a 10 minute drive) and found the Parkhotel David.

It was reasonably cheap (99 Euros SAP rate, including breakfast) and conveniently located directly opposity the main station. Car parking is right next door and cheap as well, the Loerrach shopping zone is right across the street, and lots of cheap restaurants in the area. Free PayTV in the rooms. There even is a cinema in the basement showing The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy.

But it doesn’t stop there: imagine my surprise when I saw the sign at the reception saying “free WiFi!” – WOW! (I paid 14 swiss franks for half an hour last week…)

Unfortunately it seems to be broken in my floor, but the manager called service immediately and it should be fixed tomorrow (I’m going to try and reset the routers on the walls myself later – let’s see if that works…). I am now sitting next to the bar, good music on the stereo, free WiFi – there’s not much more to ask for in a hotel.

I’ll be working in the area until end of Juli, so I guess this is going to be my standard hotel until then.



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