Open Cellphone podcast

(Via Dan Bricklin:)

“DiamondCluster has posted the first, “kick off” podcast in the “Wavelengths” Open Cellphone series. (An Open Cellphone is one where the technology — software, ports, etc. — isn’t controlled and dictated by the carriers, making it much more like a traditional personal computer.) The podcast is 35 minutes long and has John Sviokla of DiamondCluster, David Reed, and me discussing the reasons for an Open Cellphone, including some financial theory behind its value. We also talk about what future podcasts should cover. This is a hot topic (and it has gotten even hotter after we decided to do the podcast, including Steve Jobs talking about the topic at the D conference and Walt Mossberg then writing about it in his WSJ column last week).”

Go to to download the MP3.

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