Forget Deep Thought: Simon Woodside was Mr. Marklar

‘Marklar’ of course being Apple’s super secret MacOS on Intel project.

Simon says:

“My job was to get the system working on x86 again and that’s what I did. I traced dependencies like there was no tomorrow. I worked with engineers in a dozen different divisions, each time making first contact with the division manager, then finding just the right person for the job. Each time the same drill: “I’m going to tell you about a project that is Need To Know only. You can’t tell anyone about this, even inside Apple. I’m not even going to tell you everything, just the minimum that you need to know in order for us to continue. If you’re wondering who the hell I am and why you should listen to me, ask you manager who will just tell you to do it.”

I went on leave in fall 2001 after the WTC thing, but by the time I left the Marklar team gave a demo to something like the top 100 managers of the company with a working Marklar system complete with Finder running and a whole range of apps. I kicked ass!”

Cool job, Simon. Let’s see what they’ll make off it…

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