Live 8

Live 8

Sir Bob does it again:

“Bob Geldof has unveiled plans for a repeat of 1985’s Live Aid concert, called Live 8, to highlight the ongoing problem of global poverty and debt.
The free event will be held in London’s Hyde Park on 2 July with concerts in Philadelphia, Paris, Rome and Berlin.

Madonna and Sir Paul McCartney are among stars playing in London while Stevie Wonder is on the US line-up.”

You can read about the lineup here.

I wonder how much money they’ll make this time. If I remember correctly, they made about 85 million (only) in the original. Remember – there was no internet back then.

After the tsunami, I remember a figure of 350 million on german TV after the first day – don’t know if this was germany alone, or everything.

Does that logo remind you of the Dollar sign, too…?

Following up on comments: yes, of course it’s not meant to be purely about the money – it’s about creating visibility:

“The events will take place days before world leaders gather for the G8 summit in Gleneagles, Scotland.

Geldof hopes Live 8 will generate enough pressure to “tilt the world on its axis” to improve debt payments, aid and trade for African countries.”

Anyway – the odd dollar will probably not go unnoticed in the poorer parts of the world…


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