Mobile Phone Fan calls it quits

Looks like Jacek has pissed off enough people on his blog:

“Dear reader!

I am sick and tired of blogosphere – a set of blogs, many of which are full of lies, libel and slander. Full of people who pretend to be defenders of the good, but in fact just want to attract traffic and increase ranking of their blogs – in order to earn more money from their banners and to get higher social status. I will think yet how to defend myself against some dirty bloggers, who continue attacking me just because once I revealed truth about them (and everybody knows that nothing hurts so much as the truth about yourself – because many people live in self-denial).

That’s why I am closing “Mobile Phone Fan” blog. You will be able to see my writings from time to time at MS Mobiles website.

Otherwise: maybe I will open once a blog again, but it will be not on domain and it will be more personal (or maybe anonymous or maybe audio only – as podcast) – I don’t know – observe this page – you find here links to my personal creations – if I will have any. Comic Strips I will continue drawing but I will have to find another place for them too (I will place link to new place on this page once I will find it). For now I have lost interest in blogosphere and I go back to my hobby and passion: mobile phones, particularly those powered by Microsoft software.

yours truly, Mobile Phone Fan.”

A pity. I was looking into creating a list of all the people he called names in past. That might have been funny…


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