PalmOne LifeDrive

Just a quickie on the “mother of all PDAs“: a year ago, I would have been all over this. Now, I’m just unimpressed. Yes, that’s probably as good a PDA as you can get (I’m wondering how long the batteries will last…), but where is the integration?

After all those years, and model after model of Palm PDAs, the software is still in its infancy:

  • You still have to buy extra software to make it work with a Mac (until iSync catches up, at least)
  • Where is the online service that allows me to sync wirelessly to Flickr,, my blog, my Music, my address book, my contacts?
  • No ActiveSync – still need to press buttons
  • Still have to convert office documents back and forth, and not all editing options are available
  • Same old lame calendar – PalmOne, what does it take until you find out that that mediocre week view doesn’t cut it? If you can’t do it yourself, just buy DateBk or Agendus, for god’s sake…

Really – I have a hard time seeing more than a glorified hard drive with screen and some connectivity in this.

Update: Jeff Nolan also thinks those may be the last gasps of the standalone PDA.


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