Show us your email if you want to enter the US

(Via Joi Ito:) If you plan to enter the US, be prepared to be asked for passwords to your email accounts:

“As an attorney, practicing in the areas of international business and immigration law, it has come to my attention through discussions with other attorneys, that DHS is pulling aside “selected” aliens at entry checkpoints and bringing them into a separate room which contains a DHS computer connected to the internet. The aliens are told to bring up their various email accounts on the screen and enter their passwords. DHS then reads the emails for information pertaining to possible unauthorized work or other matters and questions the aliens on these findings. Of course, no attorney can be present at these interrogations! People travelling to the U.S. should be aware that a possible search of them by DHS now also means a search of their email accounts!”

Is this scary or what? George Orwell couldn’t possibly have imagined that.

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