That 80s feeling

Last night, I compiled the intermediate list of attendees for our 20th “Class of 85” anniversary in june. Can’t wait to see all those guys and girls again, this should be fun.

This morning on my way to work, after listening to the Daily Source Code, I played some of that good old 80s music – a Duran Duran megamix, a Madonna megamix, and a remix of Yazoo’s “Nobodys Diary”.

Ah, those were the days. Whenever I hear one of these songs, associations of what we were doing at the time appear in my head. I remember sitting in Matthew‘s tiny bedroom, sipping a hot coffee, hacking away at the VIC-20, dreaming of all the things we could do. Never would we have imagined the times we’re living in now.

Just feels good. And it’s still the best era music ever had ;)

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