Plantronics: headsets with the user in mind


At CeBIT, Plantronics introduced two new bluetooth headsets yesterday.

Why do I mention that?

The real novelty is how these headsets blend in to your existing infrastructure:

“User-friendly and convenient for traveling, the headset comes in a 3 x 6 inch brushed aluminum carrying case. Tahiti includes an innovative AAA battery charger that continuously recharges the headset while not in use, for 25 hours of talk time – an industry first.

In addition to its own charger, Tahiti also comes with four very small adapters that connect to the most popular Bluetooth phones so only one charger is needed on the road.”

This is exactly what I’ve been looking for in the last few days, coincidentally. I travel a lot, and I already carry a fair amount of chargers and cables. Anything that works with existing cables gives me a reason to spend my money there instead of the competition. Excellent.

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