Passwords don’t work

But we knew that already, didn’t we?

“Despite a welter of warnings in recent years it appears employees are still failing to engage their brains when it comes to the simplest of tasks – managing their passwords effectively.

Recent findings show a staggering 50 per cent of employees still write down their passwords while one-third of employees share their passwords.

Tony Caputo, CEO of SafeNet, who commissioned the research, said such failings mean “passwords alone do not provide sufficient security”.”

The survey also has some interesting numbers:

“Part of the problem would seem to be a lack of initiative for overcoming the issue of ‘password overload’ with 80 per cent of respondents needing to use three or more passwords. Furthermore 67 per cent of respondents use passwords across five or more applications while 31 per cent use them to access nine or more applications.”

I have to say, this is hard to understand. There’s really no need to get a full fledged PKI, there are lots of reasonable alternatives. Why any company still defers that is beyond me.


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