A new perspective on email

No, not what you might think…

I’ve been using my Blackberry 7230 for a while now, so the most important problem to solve was: how do I get my emails to the Blackberry without receiving SPAM or other stuff I don’t need?

I started by creating a forward of my main email address to gmail. On gmail, I began filtering out everything I don’t want – mailing lists, certain email addresses, SPAM and virii. Then I added my gmail address into the Blackberry web interface for POP3 retrieval.

It worked quite well until I seemed to get close to my 25 MB storage on T-Mobile’s blackberry server – then it stopped. Completely. No warnings given.

I managed to re-enable it by deleting emails on the server and changing the hold time, but frankly – this could be handled better. How am I supposed to do this when I don’t have access to the web interface??

There also was a 10 minute lag on new emails due to the intervals on the POP retrieval (not that that was a problem…). I wondered what would happen if I used gmail’s forward mechanism instead of POP3 – would I get only the stuff in my inbox, or the SPAM as well? I tried, and it seems that only the stuff in my inbox gets forwarded. This also got rid of the delay, so I’m sticking with that.

Funny enough, now and then emails that are being filtered appear on my Blackberry. It seems that the forwarding and filtering processes on an account are not synchronised. But that’s a minor issue.

Anyway, what I wanted to say: I’m on a 5 MB data plan (that’s MEGAbytes for you lucky americans with unlimited data…), and extra bytes cost quite a bit, so it’s crucial that no crap gets pushed on my phone. That had quite some effect on my email habits: I double checked my existing subscriptions to all those news emails and unsubscribed from everything I wasn’t really needing. Having to pay for the email you receive is probably not a bad idea – if everyone did this, the amount of emails being sent might go down quite some bit.

It also makes you appreciate trackback and comment spammers on your weblog, let me tell you…


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