Podcast economics

Of course it’s Doc Searls who comes up with the first really good idea on how to start making podcasts commercially viable:

Podcast economy modeling asks, what would happen if your iPodder subscriptions routed out through your i-broker, and informed — at your direction — each ‘caster that you are willing to pay $N (a sum you set) per podcast?”

GREAT idea! I have said over and over again that I’d be willing to pay for a lot of the good podcasts, so why not make that possible?

I like the idea of Doc’s demand driven economy model, but I think in terms of podcasting, that’s a bit too far away. With all those iPodder clients rolled out, why not let people add their PayPal IDs to the iPodder preferences, allow them to rate podcasts in the iPodder client and create payment requests based on the rates they set themselves (“I’ll pay 10 cent for 1 star, and $1 for 5 stars”). I bet that would work… what do you think?


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