Blackberry 7230 Firmware 4.0

I recently got a Blackberry 7230 which I’m using with T-Mobile germany. It came with the latest version 3 firmware, which is adequate, but lacked a few critical (to me) capabilities:

  • You can’t use the internet APN. This means that browsing with the built-in browser works, but it stops when you want to download J2ME applications or use internet savvy apps like IRC or SSH
  • The address book only syncs one address. Sure, you could always put other addresses into a user defined field, but that’s a kludge.

These are both fixed with firmware version 4, even better, it comes with additional applications, fonts and probably a fair share of bug corrections (and/or new ones ;) ).

Anyway – seems like something worth getting. BUT: T-Mobile germany isn’t offering it (yet) – all the operators do have different release/testing schedules, and T-Mobile seem to have different priorities right now.

But there’s a solution. The Blackberry firmware is operator independant, so any version will do. The operator specific stuff will be applied over the air on first connect to the network.

So here’s the easy 4 step process (remember: I’m with T-Mobile germany, and this is the prosumer version of the Blackberry):

  • Get the firmware from Vodafone (international versions available here.
  • Install the Blackberry Desktop Manager First
  • Install the firmware
  • Log in to the web site of your operator and re-send the service books

That’s it. In “settings/tcp”, enter the internet APN of your operator, and you’re only minutes away from using IRC and SSH on your blackberry.


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