Ping Identity’s pay-as-you-succeed federation server

Dan Farber explains Ping Identity‘s new pricing scheme for their PingFederate 2.0 server:

“Instead of pricing by the number of servers, applications, users or connections, the company is using identity transactions as the metric. The deal is this: PingFederate can be installed on an infinite number of servers (if you have that many), with an unlimited number of users, applications and connections. For up to 100,000 identity transactions, as well as updates and upgrades, the server is free. Past the 100k threshold, pricing starts at $10,000 per 1 million transactions or $30,000 for unlimited transactions per year, both including support and maintenance.”

This, of course, is exactly the right thing to do to foster grassroots efforts that are necessary to get this identity thing started. Well done, guys!

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