Why are there no price comparison services for brick & mortar stores?

We all know Froogle and their likes, and those services are not bad at all.

In recent weeks, I find myself longing for a different kind of service, though: tell me where to get something in a 20 km area around my current location (which I would be happy to provide – no need for advanced location technology…).

Funny enough, I have not yet seen something like this. Have you?

At first I thought this would not be possible as it would be harder for them to provide accurate availability information – but that can’t be the problem: the online retailers can’t really do that any better. It would be enough for me if there was some kind of contact information to be able to call the store and ask for availabilty.

Imagine that combined with your weekly grocery shopping list: no, I’m not talking about driving to 9 different shops to get the cheapest price for everything, but what about a service that could tell you the all round price for the whole list, allowing you to go to the store who’d charge you the least.

Can you tell me what I’m missing? Why can’t I have that??


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