Another Shai Agassi podcast: Achieving Enterprise Agility

Shai is clearly on his way to become the “prince of the pod” for the SAP community – and honestly: that’s something he does really really well.

This talk he gave, titled “Achieving Enterprise Agility“, is from a conference called “Accelerating Change 2004” and originally took place November 5-7, 2004.

Here’s the blurb from IT Conversations:

“SAP customers process roughly 50% of the world’s GDP through its systems annually. Flexibility, interconnectivity, analytics and usability are key capabilities that companies need to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. Mr. Agassi illustrates SAP’s strategy for enabling the “in-time enterprise” which can rapidly adapt to market demands and increase the velocity of events throughout business networks.”

It’s an excellent and highly interesting talk about Shai’s views on the future, and it contains lots and lots of quotable material – wish I had a transcript.

Oh, and if you’re from Walldorf: don’t take it too serious ;)

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