Live Aid – Iron the world

We had accumulated a huge pile of clothes to iron over the last few weeks. The kids were playing happily amongst themselfes, so iz was a good time for me to tackle that piece of work. And view the Live Aid DVD without my wife nagging for playing it too loud ;)

Oh sweet memories – while it’s funny to see the haircuts of 1985, the music is still present. I can even still sing along, even the bits they did different on that day. I *love* the music of the 80s.

Back then, you could still tell whether a band came from the UK or the US – the UK had all the super cool and laid back music like Sting, Sade, Ultravox, Spandau Ballet while the US had all the Rock’n’Rollers – you can see that on the DVD when Brian Adams starts the US show with “Kids wanna rock”. Fabulous.

I have been following the Tsunami news, and if I remember right, germany alone gathered some huge amount, at least several tens of millions. Live Aid received 80 million in the first year. If you see the number of people dying there for starvation, that is hard to understand. Obviously it’s easier to relate to a place with sunny beaches where you may want to spend your holiday one day than a dusty spot in the desert.

Come on, people – the least you can do is buy the DVD. It’s worth it, in every respect. Get two and give one away while you’re at it.

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